This website is designed for the beginner- or early intermediate-level organist who currently performs with, or wants to perform with, choral ensembles. It is organized in three broad sections: Context, Method, and Various Challenges. In the Context section, I draw out the subject of choral accompaniment at the organ from English-language texts and compositions, and view it through historical and pedagogical lenses. In the Method section, I set forth a pedagogical method from which to begin the practical work of accompanying choirs at the organ. The tabs in this section—Preparing the Organ, Preparing the Score, Preparing for Rehearsal, Basic Registration, and Orchestration—are intended to contain the necessary tools for a student of accompaniment. In the Various Challenges section, I shed light on four musical areas that are woven into the subject of choral accompaniment at the organ during all stages of development: Tips for Practicing, Sight Reading, Score Reading, and Figured Bass. They can be read and worked through in any order and at any stage of progression through the Method section.

Herbert Howells, “Magnificat: Collegium Regale” (London: Novello & Co., 1947), mm. 87–88.